The streets will be safe with superhero Liv (Rose McIver) patrolling her city on the midseason finale of “iZombie.”

The episode — “Cape Town” — sees Liv eat the brain of a recently killed high school shop teacher who fancies himself a superhero vigilante that suits up in a cape and goes by the alias The Fog. To catch his killer, Liv’s going to have to put on a costume and secret identity all her own.

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For Diane Ruggiero — “iZombie” co-creator and writer of this episode — turning everyone’s favorite zombie into a superhero is practically a dream come true.

“It’s my Christmas present to myself that there’s a fake superhero,” she tells Zap2it and a handful of other outlets on the set of the CW series. “Probably the funnest moment of my ‘iZombie’ experience thus far was coming up with fake superhero names.”

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For Ruggiero, it all goes back to the 2011 HBO documentary “Superheroes,” about real-life people who take up the role of costumed vigilante in their own towns across the United States.

In fact, one of the most notorious real-life superheroes happens to be based out of Seattle — where “iZombie” is set. Phoenix Jones has been attempting to keep the streets of Seattle safe for years and was a member of the Rain City Superhero Movement — an organization of “costumed activists.”

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Sadly, Phoenix won’t be seen on on “iZombie.” Luckily, there’s more than just The Fog and Liv’s alter ego to behold, though.

“iZombie” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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