Jane Buckingham lends her expertise on Job or No Job

It’s not news that today’s job market is challenging … and for certain candidates, ABC Family is coming to the possible rescue.

Premiering Wednesday (Aug. 5), the unscripted series “Job or No Job” hails from the producers of CBS’ “Undercover Boss” and offers its young-adult subjects the chance to join the workforce. Actually, each gets not one employment opportunity, but three … with career expert and “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life” author Jane Buckingham advising one potential employee per episode.

Depending on how the prospective worker fares, one, two or three -– or zero -– job offers can result. Also the founder and CEO of Trendera, a consulting firm that specializes in reporting and predicting trends among different generations, Buckingham believes the timing and demographic target of “Job or No Job” are correct.

“I think, on both ends of the spectrum, it’s so needed,” she tells Zap2it. “It’s hard for anyone to get a job right now. It’s a tough economy, and we all know there aren’t enough jobs out there … but I also think that older people have this idea that young people in general are so entitled, and don’t want to work hard, and want to do it all through social media.

“On the other side,” adds Buckingham, “young people today are not well-prepared. No one has ever shown them how to interview for a job, or that they have to proofread their resumes, or that they should follow up on an interview. It’s a really nice chance for me to do what I love to do, which is to help the generations understand each other.”

Buckingham admits it’s helpful that each job-seeker’s three potential positions are in the same general discipline. “Each week is a different category,” she explains. “The person might be interested in being in advertising, or in real estate, or in the restaurant business. Even though the exact job might shift a little bit, it’s within the same category.”

In each case, Buckingham coaches what she terms “the broad skills of being a better interviewee and, hopefully, being a better employee. It helps in the specific interviews and, even if they don’t get one of the jobs, for the rest of their lives. I’m finding that these skills cut across the spectrum, no matter what they’re interviewing for.”

Though “Job or No Job” might suggest plenty of jobs are out there, Buckingham stresses the situation posed by the series is aimed specifically toward those selected to be in the show.

“We know that these people are lucky,” she notes, “and we’re saying that to them. We are picking them from hundreds and hundreds of candidates, so it’s important to us to say to them, ‘This is a really great opportunity, and we want you to take it seriously.’ ”

Buckingham certainly is taking it seriously herself: “I don’t want someone to waste my time, the employer’s time, and the time of the other [job candidates] who might have taken it more seriously. Yes, getting the opportunity is a huge part of the process — but hopefully, some of the things that we’re saying are going to help as well.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin