jane gina rodriguez michael brett dier jane the virgin 'Jane the Virgin': Don't count Michael out of Jane's heart just yet

For everyone watching the last few episodes before  “Jane the Virgin” went on hiatus, it seemed that Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has fallen head over heels for Rafael (Justin Boldoni), or at least that her feelings for her ex-fiance Michael (Brett Dier) were completely in the past. 
Jane’s abrupt change in romantic interest may have gone over well for viewers, but it turns out that Michael isn’t the only one who has reservations about Jane’s paramour. 
“[Xo] is definitely team Michael. Michael was there for the beginning. He was willing to put her first and put her choices first in terms of her virginity,” Andrea Navedo, who plays Jane’s mother, Xo, tells Zap2it. “To me that’s a demonstration of real love, of real acceptance of who Jane is. To me, he’s the worthier person for her because he sees and values her worth.” 
Considering how Rafael reacted when Jane told him that she was still a virgin, Xo’s concerns don’t seem that out of place. Xo doesn’t know all of the details of the secrets that Michael was keeping from Jane, but she’s seen enough of Rafael’s type to be wary of his intentions when it comes to Jane. 
“Rafael just looks like a handsome, rich playboy. What does he want with my daughter?” Navedo says. “He hasn’t proven his real love for her. There hasn’t been enough time or enough of a track record to prove that he really loves her.” 
Since Jane is the mother to be of Rafael’s child there will obviously be a lot of time for them to spend together, but given the soap opera nature of the show no one should be quick to count Michael out of the race for Jane’s heart, at least not yet. 
“They’re definitely not over, because Michael runs into Jane all the time and it’s hard seeing your ex around all the time. There’s always something going on,” Dier tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters at the winter TV press tour. 
Of course, Michael has his own issues to work through before he and Jane have any real chance at getting back together. 
“[Michael] wanted to marry Jane, he wanted to be with her forever and then this Rafael thing happened,” Dier says. “It’s like he went inwards. He’s super insecure. Can you blame the guy? I mean, poor guy.”
Though fans have divided along Team Rafael and Team Michael lines — everyone can agree that Jane’s happiness is the most important. That’s who Navedo and Xo are looking out for as well. 
“Xo would love to see Jane really, truly find love —  and finally lose her virginity,” Navedo says with a laugh. “She wants to see her daughter come into womanhood and enjoy her sexuality — to experience her sexuality with someone who truly loves her.” 
Surely that’s what everyone wants for Jane, but as she heads into the latter trimesters of her pregnancy in the second half of Season 1, things will only get more complicated for Jane and her love triangle. 
See who is able to prove their true love for Jane when “Jane the Virgin” returns Monday, Jan. 19 at 9 p.m ET/PT on The CW. 
— Additional reporting by Andrea Reiher 
Posted by:Megan Vick