jane xo rogelio alba jane the virgin About that 'Jane the Virgin' ending: Who's in the most danger?

Note: If you haven’t watched the Dec. 15 fall finale of “Jane The Virgin” this post contains spoilers

The beautiful thing about a show based on a telenovela is you never know when the big twist is coming. There were many reveals in the fall finale of “Jane the Virgin” but the biggest one came at the end. 
Raphael (Justin Baldoni) and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) are onto the fact that Petra (Yael Grobglas) is not who she says she is and Michael (Brett Dier) is even closer to finding the leader of the drug cartel — but are all of them too late? A drunk Alba (Ivonne Coll) goes to confront Petra for trying to get custody of Jane’s baby and finds herself in a world of trouble. An angry Magda (Priscilla Barnes) pushes her down the stairs and the screen goes white with the shows “To be continued” ending tag. 
For anyone that hasn’t been watching The CW’s hit comedy — this is why the show was nominated for a Best Comedy Series Golden Globe on Dec. 11. It’s a show that takes risks, and by putting Alba in the line of danger is a completely unexpected turn. She’s Jane’s adorable, albeit very strict, grandmother. How could she ever be mixed up with a Czech national who is lying about being confined to a wheelchair? We never thought we’d have to worry about Alba! 
When you hear that the premise is “A virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated” it’s easy to assume where the story is going — but “Jane the Virgin” has proved once again that you should never try and predict where it is going to end up. From ice sculpture murders to Jane’s turbulent pregnancy, the show keeps you on your toes. It’s different from any other comedy on TV. On what other show can you have the main couple be “cleared for kissing” while the grandmother may have just been killed in a hotel stairway? 
You got us again, “Jane.” Where does the tunnel Michael found lead? Will Alba be okay? Will Raphael and Jane do the deed before the baby is born? Will Xo finally have her dream come true now that she has met Paulina Rubio? 
So many burning questions, but fans will have to wait until the show returns Jan. 19 on the CW for answers. 
Posted by:Megan Vick