Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin's Season 2 premiere

“Jane the Virgin” returns Monday, Oct. 12 in top form to continue from its critically acclaimed and beloved first season.

The stakes are immediately high as Jane (Gina Rordriguez) discovers that her baby has been taken less than an hour after he was born. On any other TV show a missing baby would be enough drama for one episode, but “Jane” stays true to its telenovela roots and packs in so much more in its first sophomore hour. Here are the need-to-know moments from the Season 2 premiere.

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1. Baby Mateo returns

Luckily, baby Mateo isn’t gone for too long. Michael (Brett Dier) gets a call from Sin Rostro that she has the baby and he’s willing to do anything to see Mateo returned safely. He hands over his professional integrity when he returns the drive with all of the information he needs to nail Sin Rostro to get baby Mateo back to Jane. Most importantly though, the baby was returned within a 90 minutes of his kidnapping, leaving Jane to freak out about more normal new mother things, like breastfeeding.

2. Sin Rostro isn’t the only one targeting Jane

The final moments of the Season 2 premiere reveal that there’s a new ominous foe out for Jane. Judging by the newspaper clipping of her, it may have something to do with her virgin mother status. No matter what their motives are, they are coming to “get her now” and as the narrator says, some feel-good theme music would make everyone feel better but it never comes.

3. Petra and her turkey baster

Petra (Yael Grobglas) finally makes a decision of what to do with Raphael’s (Justin Baldoni) sperm and gets a little intimate with a hotel turkey baster in hopes of getting a baby of her own. She goes through with the plan under the assumption that being pregnant with his child will increase her chances of getting Raphael back, but Scott (Wes Armstrong) is on to her and that could complicate her already terrible plan.

4. Michael is still in the picture…

It’s been reported that Jane will get married at some point in Season 2, but the season premiere is doing nothing to illuminate with whom she’ll walk down the aisle. Michael really comes through when he saves Mateo and in general serves as the Villanueva expert. Jane’s goodnight to him proves there’s still feelings there.

5. … but so is Raphael

On the other hand, Raphael is doing all he can to be a present father and prove to Jane that he made a mistake by letting her go. The shirtless baby holding does not hurt his chances either. Jane will have to do some soul searching to figure out who is really the best fit for her and Mateo.

Posted by:Megan Vick