Jennifer Lawrence was on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday (Nov. 18) as part of her "Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" press tour. Talk naturally turned to her penchant for falling down, something the Oscar-winning actress does on the reg.

But J-Law confesses to Jimmy Fallon that falling down while accepting an Academy Award doesn't even come close to her most embarrassing moments, and she's comfortable sharing them because she feels the "statute of limitations has passed on the humiliation."

The first moment happened during the year of "Silver Linings Playbook" awards season, when Lawrence was approached by an older woman at a fancy Hollywood party. As the older woman told J-Law how much she likes her work, J-Law was convinced the woman she was speaking with was Elizabeth Taylor. Problem is -- Taylor died in 2011.

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"You didn't say anything, did you?" asks Fallon. "Oh, yeah!" says Lawrence. She even brought a friend over and was like, "This is Elizabeth Taylor!" and her friend goes, "... no, it's not." J-Law took off running and hid behind a wall.

The big question is -- who was the lady? It's a shame J-Law does not reveal this information. Perhaps she never did find out who the faux-Elizabeth Taylor was.

The second moment was in Paris when J-Law spotted Francis Ford Coppola in a restaurant. She went up to gush about how much she loves "The Godfather," which Coppola directed, and it turns out she had forgotten that she unzipped her dress while she was eating, and she walked away from the table with her nearly-bare butt hanging out. Whoops.

The third embarrassing moment is the dancing segment Fallon makes Lawrence do on "The Tonight Show." Kidding, kidding -- but seriously, it's one of his weirder segments.

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