Everyone’s wondered about whether they’d be a good “Jeopardy!” contestant, able to instantly recall random factoids at the whims of Alex Trebek. But New York bartender and aspiring director Tom Flynn took his spot as the third contestant on the Oct. 26 episode of the show in a more photogenic direction.

Tom spent most of the episode staring at himself in the show’s cameras rather than looking at the questions, like an aspiring male model.


Maybe if Tom had focused a little more on the Final Jeopardy category instead of how to perfectly stand in order to keep his button down from crossing the line from “rakishly rumpled” to “disheveled,” then he might have gone home with a little more cash.

But don’t judge Tom by his looks alone — he actually managed to rack up a solid $8,400 before Final Jeopardy.

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When it came time for that final question, he should have perhaps hedged his bets, because he wound up betting all of his winnings on a question that he could only answer with “What.”

Even though Tom probably won’t be financing his filmmaking dreams with the money he won on the show, he does have some new admirers.


Hottest “Jeopardy!” contestant ever? Twitter thinks so.

And others were just impressed by the handsome guy’s ability to get on the show that’s always been synonymous with “nerd.” Tom Flynn: fighting the good fight for ridiculously good looking people everywhere.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins