Season 4 of "Mistresses" kicked off last week (May 30), and the ABC series wasted no time shaking things up from its dramatic cliffhanger ending last year. While Jes Macallan, who stars as Josslyn Carver, warns that "it will be a slow burn," to finding out about what really happened in the Season 3 finale, there are already so many other "happy" things to look forward to. Like the fact that Carver's now engaged to Harry Davis (Brett Tucker) and the return of Harry's sister, Kate Davis, played by Tabrett Bethell.

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Zap2it got a chance to sit down and talk with both Macallan and Bethell about what's to come this season after Davis moves in with her brother and Carver, and we break down the difference between dating in LA compared to Australia.

Zap2it: What brings Kate to LA?

Tabrett Bethell: She's in crisis so she comes to LA to be with her brother. They have a very close relationship. She decides that America is great!

You move in with Joss?

Jes Macallan: "Three's Company!" Yeah, she's having the best time ever! But Joss finally has a house which is great. It's lovely. Our sets this year are beautiful. We have a beautiful home that she happily crashes.

Who will Kate be causing drama for?

Bethell: Anything could happen, but I'm definitely causing problems for Joss and Harry. Because I am a damsel in distress.

Macallan: As an actress, [Bethell is] tremendous. But her character is so sweetly not sarcastic, she's funny and quick and innocent ... in the sweetest way you just want to put her in your pocket.

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Will there be a wedding this season?

Macallan: I don't know! I'll tell ya, it would be fun.

What will be most challenging thing for Kate?

Bethell: She doesn't know what the rules are here [in America], so every guy she meets is the one! She's so innocent and naive. She was already fractured when she got here, so she probably ends up crushed. But everything is so new, so she's here with stars in her eyes.

Guys in LA are terrible.

Macallan: I just learned that this a real thing.

Bethell: It's so different. In Australia, you only go on a date if you're really into the person. So if you go on a date, they will probably end up being your boyfriend. But here, it's more of a sport.

Macallan: Especially in LA. Ugh.

"Mistresses" airs on Mondays nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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