Given that “The Biggest Loser” is filled with hours of intense workouts and emotional chats about health and nutrition, it’s nice to know that the trainers and contestants like to slow things down and have some fun with each other. Specifically, it’s nice to know that they prank each other whenever they can.

“I make a total a** out of myself for the majority of the time,” trainer Jessie Pavelka tells Zap2it. “You don’t see any of that. I joke around with these guys a lot.”

So what specifically do they do? Well, they like to prank each other with healthy snacks like dried seaweed since, you know, this is still “Biggest Loser” territory and they have to keep health in mind.

“Pranks with healthy food,” says Pavelka. “We try to keep it healthy at least … in fact, [one time] almonds were spread all over my room.”

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Of course, Pavelka isn’t the only one that’s been pranked. Trainer Jen Widerstrom reveals that one day, she discovered that her bag had been littered with flaxseeds, seaweed packages and chunks of ginger.

As for Dolvett Quince, well, he believes that “you gotta haze the freshmen,” so he makes sure to prank the two newbie trainers whenever he can.

“I took all [Jen’s] shoes out of her dressing room and I put them in front of her door so she couldn’t walk in,” Quince tells Zap2it. “Like piled up really high — she had to step over it. But she was so much in her zone, she didn’t even pay attention. She was just talking, talking, stepping over, talking, talking, talking, talking. It’s like, ‘Are you not paying attention? You have food on the ground and shoes everywhere.’ It was like, ‘Hello, you’re messing up the prank!'”

“The Biggest Loser” Season 16 finale airs Thursday, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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