Jimmy Fallon has done the "rush into an old TV show scene" game with his guests many times before -- "Palisades Park Pet Patrol" with Jon Hamm was particularly amusing -- but Bill Hader just topped them all with "Point Pleasant Police Department."

In the sketch, he and Fallon are "showing scenes" from their old buddy cop TV series, but really it's just them seeing who is better at spitting food in the other man's face. And Hader soundly whups Fallon's butt.

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Like any good improv-ers, the scene builds beautifully. At first, it's fairly innocuous -- though both men start cracking up because Hader's mustache won't stay attached to his face and just kind of flaps around like a hairy caterpillar.

In part 2, it becomes a battle of Pepsi vs. Perrier, with Fallon cracking up as he takes a geyser of Perrier to the face.


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In the climactic moment in part 3, Hader sneak-attacks Fallon with a mouthful of milkshake and the "Tonight Show" host absolutely loses his mind with laughter.

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