Jimmy Fallon injured his hand again over the weekend -- luckily it was not the same hand from which he almost severed his ring finger back in June.

However, on Monday's (Oct. 26) "Tonight Show," Fallon wanted to explain what happened. It turns out that at the laser light show after-party following his induction into the Harvard Lampoon, a girl knelt down to give him a flower and he tripped over her.

He didn't want to re-injure the hand that had the gruesome finger injury, so he kind of threw the bottle of Jagermeister he was carrying and then landed on the broken glass with his other hand. He says it wasn't as bad as it initially looked -- he's only wearing a few Sesame Street band-aids -- but at the time there were "pools of blood."

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During his monologue, Fallon also quips, "Even when I get into Harvard, I still embarrass my parents," and says that while most of his viewers and friends sent him well-wishes about his injury, one person did not.

"My hand doctor sent me a picture of his new Ferrari. It's a nice one!" says Fallon with a laugh.

Oh, Jimmy. Try to be more careful, fella.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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