Jimmy Fallon pulled out his bit of singing Yahoo Answers on "The Tonight Show," this time enlisting "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane to help out, lounge singer-style.

The questions and answers for this particular round aren't nearly as funny as the ones Audra McDonald has sung in the past, but the more absurd ones actually work better for the dueling pianos and smarmy-voiced patter.

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Highlights include the fact that TGIF stands for "the goat is fed," Chanukah is really spelled "Chaka Khan" and that skeletons are made out of marzipan by the finest French confectionery chefs.

But the two winners are definitely the Christmas-themed questions

Fallon: "How does Santa know when I'm sleeping?"
MacFarlane: "The same way peeping toms know. He looks in your window, but when Santa does it, it's not weird."

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Fallon: "What is your Christmas routine?"
MacFarlane: "Take the balls out of the box ... wash 'em ... dangle 'em from the tree."

Happy holidays from Jimmy Fallon and Seth MacFarlane.

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