There are always variations on the same reactions when "Jimmy Kimmel Live" asks parents to film themselves telling their kids they ate all the children's Halloween candy -- some cry, some get mad, some react with physical violence.

But there are always a few that catch you off-guard and 2015's Halloween candy prank is no exception. The Top 3 kids from the Halloween prank this year are:

3. Too-smart twins

These brothers know what's up. "This is 'Jimmy Kimmel'-related," says one as he laughs at his mom. Well done, boys. Nothing gets by you.

2. The nice kid

There's a few in every bunch -- the kid who hears that his Halloween candy is gone and is like, "That's OK, mom. I love you." Awww. You're raising that one right, lady.

1. The Skittles girl

Poor Skittles girl. She's upset about the candy being gone, but it's more because A) she wishes her parents would have saved her some, and B) she really wanted to try Skittles, which is the most adorable thing ever.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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