For the majority of the year, the weather in Southern California ends up being pretty magnificent that some Angelinos may lose sight of the trials and tribulations brought to the rest of the country by all types of winter storms.

With Superstorm Jonas currently wreaking havoc on the East Coast, Jimmy Kimmel decided to send Cousin Sal to the beach on Monday (Jan. 25) to toss some snowballs, and karma, at those insensitive enough to rub the warm climate in New York's face.

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The segment feels scripted but that doesn't take away the satisfaction that Sal, and the audience alike, achieves by witnessing these folks get snow dumped on them in multiple ways.

This is definitely a good start in teaching these bros and gals to have some respect for those snowed-in for the past few days. Maybe now is the right time to bring back the ice bucket challenge.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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