jimmy kimmel live abc 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': 'It' s a bit trickier now'Zap2it: You’ve had big guests on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” right along, but with your earlier start time now, do you expect that to be amped up even more in some ways?

Jimmy Kimmel: Well, it is a bit trickier now. The pecking order would be [Jay] Leno and [David] Letterman, depending on which coast the person was on, and then us. It is going to be more complicated now, and most of it is up to the [guests’] publicists as to how they want to approach it. It could turn out that we have the same type of rotation we’ve always had. We’ll see how that goes.

Zap2it: How is it for you to interview big-name guests?

Jimmy Kimmel: I think I come at it a little bit differently than the titans of television might, and I think that probably makes it a little more fun for a lot of the guests. And maybe less fun for some. I constantly remind myself that it is almost inexplicable that a Tom Cruise is sitting in the chair next to me. About five times a day, I have thoughts like that: “How is this possible?”

Zap2it: Are there any big changes planned for the program, now that you’re starting earlier each weeknight?

Jimmy Kimmel: We are reformatting in terms of when we take our commercial breaks, but that’s mostly because of the way the local affiliates run their commercials. That’s just something we have to do according to our agreement … but unless it makes sense to run a comedy bit with a guest at the top of the show, we’ll still run it in their segment.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin