It's been proven that therapy only works when you keep at it. So after what seems like eons, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel went back in for another round of couples therapy during Monday's (July 25) episode.

This time around, it feels like some progress was actually being made as the two suss out more of their issues. There's that whole fiasco of Ben Affleck smuggling Damon into Kimmel's Golden Globe special. Remember that? Not only was Affleck allegedly bribed to sneak Damon in, it seems that Kimmel is now yearning for a sit-down with the Batman. We're sure that will go over well.

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What does the "Jason Bourne" star want out of all this anyway? The same thing he's wanted all along: to no longer be bumped from "Kimmel." It's a request that feels easy to fix, yet it looks like Jimmy isn't feeling "Bourney" about it. So, instead of coming to an agreement of sorts ... the session comes to an end with the two drawing butts and penises on pads of paper.

But instead of being negative, we must point out that there was no violent acts this time around. Maybe this is progress after-all.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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