jimmy kimmel oscars youtube gi 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': YouTube videos get Oscar movie treatment

Jimmy Kimmel certainly had something special planned for his post-Academy Awards episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Right at the top of the show, Kimmel said adapting books was a thing of the past and it was time to move on to YouTube videos. That leads to four different trailers, each of which were amazing, based on popular clips from the video-sharing site.

First, Martin Scorsese presents “Bitman Begins,” which is a Christopher Nolan-esque take on the “Charlie Bit My Finer” video, starring Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth as brothers at war. Rounding out the cast was Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, but the real star of the clip was the rooftop showdown between the brothers. Liam just likes to bite too much.

Morgan Freeman showed up next to introduce “Sweet Brown,” a take on the viral video “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.” Queen Latifah was Sweet Brown, while Barkhad Abdi was a young Barack Obama and Adam Driver was a pre-Apple Steve Jobs. Then there was Matt Damon, who only appeared in a deleted scene because he’s the worst.

The third trailer was introduced by Anjelica Huston. Picture the movie “Amadeus,” but with Keyboard Cat instead of Mozart. It was Kevin Spacey as Keyboard Cat and Christoph Waltz as his arch nemesis, Hamster on a Piano. This was absolutely the highlight of the night, with Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Ben Kingsley and Mandy Patinkin all appearing. Bonus points to Kimmel for his cameo as Dramatic Chipmunk.

Finally, Andy Garcia presented a Baz Luhrmann trailer that combined two different well-known videos. It’s a “3D musical hallucination” called “David After Dentist: Double Rainbow Oh My God.” Just imagine that for a second. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as David, along with Seth Rogen as the Double Rainbow Guy, Catherine Zeta-Jones as the Tooth Fairy and Samuel L. Jackson as the dastardly dentist. This movie would make a billion dollars.
In a night where there really weren’t any pre-taped sketched during the Oscars, Kimmel more than made up for it with these star-studded trailers.
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