Hillary Clinton has recently received some "feedback" about her approach to campaigning, with pundits calling her "shrill" and telling her to smile more. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board writes, "Telling a woman of Clinton’s stature ... how to speak and when to smile goes far beyond the realm of legitimate political punditry and analysis. It’s sexism. Women don’t need men to tell them how to behave."

So Jimmy Kimmel is here to help.

In a bit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday (March 24), Kimmel had Clinton stand at a podium and give her stump speech while he critiqued her performance -- skewering the type of criticism that has been levied against Clinton for ... pretty much the entire campaign.

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"That comes off as a little shrill for men. You're making a speech, not an arrest," says Kimmel, then as Clinton softens her approach: "You have to speak up because we can't hear you. You're like a mouse up there. And you know what'd be nice? If you smiled."

"OK, don't smile like that because it's too forced. It looks like you're faking it," he continues. "Ask yourself do I want to be president or do I want to be a Lakers girl? ... Just be careful with the face."

Clinton says, "Your comments are kind of contradictory. It's like nothing I do is right."

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"Exactly. You're not doing it right," says Kimmel. "I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is ... you're not ..."

"A man?" Clinton asks.

"Yes! That is it, you're not a man! But that was really cute, the way you did it," says Kimmel.

"Thanks, that's what I was going for," she deadpans in response.

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