On the heels of Thursday’s (July 14) Emmy nominations, news has hit via Vulture that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are getting the band back together. Okay, that may be the wrong choice of words … but we just really like the visual. It’s an interesting time for this announcement to hit since the Emmys streak for both Colbert — we’re referring to “The Colbert Report,” of course — and “The Daily Show” have ended.

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” is about to deliver two weeks of live shows. First, Colbert will be covering Cleveland’s The Republican National Convention. The following week, he’ll be taking on Philadelphia for The Democratic National Convention. Lo’ and behold, it looks like Mr. Stewart will be joining him in some capacity on Monday, July 18. It’s great timing, too, as this is when focus on the RNC will be at an all-time high.

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Now, the notion of Stewart and Colbert back in the lime-light, doing what they do best — delivering insightful wit on the U.S. political system — is exciting. However, the Vulture report is vague at exactly what Stewart will be doing and where he’ll be doing it from. It’s possible both men will join in the New York-based studio to react to the events of the day. However, there is the notion that the former “Daily Show” host could report from the convention floor in Ohio. And seriously, how amazing would that be?

It seems like wishful thinking, but during a time when “The Late Show” is struggling in finding its identity, bringing Stewart into the mix will bring some much needed attention back to the CBS series. With Stewart’s HBO news series hopefully premiering in the coming months, we’ll just cross our fingers he’ll be making more than just a mere cameo.

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