Comedian, director and writer Judd Apatow was on Monday's (July 20) "Tonight Show" promoting his new movie, "Trainwreck." But he also did a short stand-up act, which included a two-minute bit about Bill Cosby.

Apatow has not been shy about where he stands on the "is Cosby a rapist or not" issue, and he managed to work those feelings into a humorous segment that includes a decent Cosby impression.

"Cosby is still out on the road. Isn't that weird? He's doing stand-up. what do you think his act is like? Do you think he's still talking about it?" wonders Apatow, before launching into his version of what Cosby's act must be like.

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"'You ever been in trouble with the wife? You ever like get into the dog house with the wife 'cause of something that you did?'" says Apatow as Cosby. "'LIke the other day there was something about me in the paper and I didn't want my wife to read the paper, so I got up at five in the morning and I snuck out to the driveway and I hid the paper, and the next day I hid the paper, and the next day I hid the paper, and then the nest day I forgot to get the paper!'"

So far the audience is on board, then Apatow says this, as Cosby's wife, "'What is this in the paper about the raping and the drugging and the women?' [as Cosby again] And I said, 'Do you like your life?'" -- at this point, the audience gasps and groans. But Apatow brings it home with, "'Do you like the house and the jet? Well, then have a cappuccino and shut the foick up.'"

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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