kate-middleton-prince-william-olympics-ad.jpgNot everyone is amused by Kate Middleton‘s satirical portrayal as a gold-digger in an ad for Olympics 2012 promotional taxis.

In the video, an actress playing the princess complains to look-alikes of Prince William and Queen Elizabeth: “I just don’t understand why we cannot take the royal limo. I didn’t marry royalty to schlep around in a taxi.”

“But darling, granny is right,” responds her placating husband. “The commoners want to see us tightening our belts and all that.”

But there’s a happily ever after: a panda cab zooms the royals to their destination, where they celebrate with the “commoners.”

The panda cabs are part of a cross-promotion with the Chinese city of Chengdu, home to a famous panda research and breeding center, to promote tourism and conservation efforts for the endangered species.

In response to criticism for the its unfavorable treatment of the royal family, a spokesman for the Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries insisted the cheeky ad is simply “harmless fun.”

What’s your verdict: Is the commercial funny or insulting?

Posted by:dmoorhouse