katherine heigl state of affairs nbc pilot 'State of Affairs' Katherine Heigl 'wasn't challenging' her fansZap2it: What sort of research have you done for your CIA-analyst role in “State of Affairs”?

Katherine Heigl: There was a lot of getting to just talk to Rodney (Faraon, an executive producer of the series) and hear all these incredible stories about his experience as a [presidential] briefer, and having him on set so that when the team and I were doing these scenes and kind of trying to set it up as realistically as possible, we could turn to Rodney and say, “How would they handle this particular situation? Would they be just chilling in the offices like this, first thing in the morning, singing and hanging out and decompressing?” We get to have a real, live ex-briefer tell us “yea” or “nay” — which has been fantastic.
Zap2it: What’s the appeal for you in working on both sides of the camera with this show?
Katherine Heigl: I have the opportunity to not only perform in it but executive-produce it … and I’m not sure why I feel this way, but acting and performing has always felt a bit more like kid’s play to me, because it’s something I’ve always loved. I love the opportunity to tell stories and be imaginative, and the executive-producing angle of it feels more like a grown-up job.
Zap2it: You seemed to step back from your career for a while. What was the reason for that?
Katherine Heigl: I felt that I was sort of letting down my audience … that I wasn’t challenging them, either. I think [that’s what] this opportunity is, and I think a lot of people want to know, “Why this show? Why come back to television?” Because it’s an extraordinary role, and it’s an extraordinary opportunity, and it’s an extraordinary story.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin