katie couric katie syndication 325 Katie Couric: 'I hope everyone will be my target demographic'Zap2it: What type of audience are you going after with “Katie”?

Katie Couric: I hope everyone will be my target demographic, obviously, but I think it’s largely female. I won’t just say, “Oh, this will appeal to women between the ages of 37 and 52, so we’re going to focus on that.”

I feel like a lot of the things that I’m going through in my life are relatable, so I’ve been there, but I also just care about a lot of different things.

Zap2it: What do you consider to be your major personality strength in having a weekday show built entirely around you?

Katie Couric: I think I’m just a natural-born extrovert. I’ve always been exceedingly outgoing and friendly, probably overly so. My mom used to worry about how I was like a puppy dog and would come up and talk to everyone, and I think she worried about my personal safety at times … but I think it’s just part of who I am.

Zap2it: How did Sheryl Crow come to compose and perform the theme song for “Katie”?

Katie Couric: Sheryl and I met in Nashville a few months ago and talked about what this show is about, sort of the sensibility of the show and what we wanted to convey.

Sheryl’s someone who I admire a great deal and has experienced a lot in her life and is enormously talented, so I was absolutely thrilled when she said she would be willing to sit down with me and talk about it, then put pen to paper and write and perform our theme song.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin