James Corden welcomed Katie Holmes, Ryan Reynolds and Judd Apatow to his "Late Late Show" couch Wednesday (Feb. 17) and eventually talk turned to kissing scenes.

Holmes admits her first kissing scene was with a guest star on "Dawson's Creek's" first season -- Ian Bohen, who played Anderson Crawford in the episode "Kiss" -- but then Corden asks Holmes who was the better kisser on the show, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) or Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Holmes immediately starts to giggle and stammer.

Corden is convinced it's The Beek -- "I would get right up in his grill" -- but Reynolds has some insight of his own to provide. "I went to high school with Josh and I can tell you right now he's a terrific kisser."

What does Holmes say to that? "Well, if he says so, I mean ..."

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So there you have it -- Pacey trumps Dawson, which is something everybody already knew anyway.

The "Dawson's Creek" star, who is known for her love of dancing, also took some time to teach the guys her "signature move" on stage -- planting the left foot and then fan-kicking her right foot. Let's just say, James Corden, Ryan Reynolds and Judd Apatow all have varying degrees of terrible fan kicks.

Holmes, though -- girlfriend kicks so high she almost takes down a stage light.

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