katie leclerc switched at birth abcf Katie Leclerc is proud of Switched at Births controversial, messy stories

Zap2it: With ABC Family now repositioning itself as the network for “Becomers,” how do you think “Switched at Birth” fits in?

Katie Leclerc: If the network’s brand is “growing up,” we are the show that its audience right now has grown up with. We seem to be the perfect transition show for them, because now, Daphne [played by LeClerc] and Bay [Vanessa Marano] are in college … and what is that going to look like for them? And what is it like to grow up?

When I was 15, I wanted to be 20. And at a certain age, you go, “Wait a minute! I don’t want to get older. I want to go backward.” For a long time, you want to hurry up to the next step, so it’s kind of nice to show characters on television who are embracing that next step, but doing so in a series environment that’s real. College is messy for a lot of people, and I love our show because it’s not afraid to talk about that experience.

Zap2it: Earlier this season, a story line about whether an intimate night between Bay and her ex-boyfriend was consensual stirred controversy. How did you feel about the way that plot was handled?

Katie Leclerc: We didn’t tell the story in a very clean way. There’s no “winner” in that scenario — and there shouldn’t be. I have to say I’m very proud of ABC Family for saying, “We don’t have to have a direct ending to this.” This will affect these characters for the rest of their lives, whether we see that on the air or it’s in their minds.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin