Did the series finale of “Switched at Birth” bring tears to your eyes? Come on, who could have possibly foreseen that the final shot of that beautiful episode would bring the Season 1 poster to life right before our eyes? Magic!

It was a bit of a shock to learn that John Kennish (D.W. Moffett) knew that Bay wasn’t his child longer than he knew about the switch, but it was actually an incredibly sweet reveal. He hasn’t always been the easiest guy to get along with or understand, but when it counts, he puts his family before everything else, which is pretty touching.

After six years, it’s nice to see Daphne finally getting her happy ending with the guy who she was clearly meant to be with — are we right, “Dingo” fans? Bay (Vanessa Marano) was unfortunately not so lucky, though she didn’t break up with Travis (Ryan Lane) like we feared. They’re going to try to make long distance work, and if anyone can do it, it’s these two.

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Still, we were more than a little pleased to see the finale pay tribute to Bay’s relationship with Emmett (Sean Berdy) too. They were the most-shipped couple on “Switched at Birth” for a long time, so their montage was well-deserved, even if Emmett too decided that Japan was calling. Here’s hoping he and Travis can mend their broken friendship abroad.

Regina’s (Constance Marie) decision to take Will (Sayeed Shahidi) in while Eric (Terrell Tilford) turned himself in for jail time was surprising, but now the Kennish-Vasquez family gets to add a new member! Toby, too, surprised us. Instead of pursuing his career as a DJ, he realized he’s been called to advocate for kids like his own, with disabilities, and teach people how to effectively interact with them.

Now that “Switched at Birth” is over and done with, some fans will no doubt go back and re-watch the series as a whole, to try and feel better about the show ending for good. Others will no doubt look to the future and wonder if Freeform’s groundbreaking series will ever get a revival somewhere down the road.

Luckily, “Switched at Birth” is one of those shows that depends on family-driven storylines rather than any kind of supernatural missions or villains to defeat, which makes it a perfect candidate for revival.

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Like “Gilmore Girls,” we could see a short reunion series 10 years down the line, revisiting these families in the future and exploring exactly where Daphne (Kaite Leclerc) and Bey (Vanessa Marano) ended up. There’s no shortage of material for them to follow-up on if they did decide to give the story a second go in the future. Did Bey and Travis find a way to make their international romance work? Did Daphne ever become a surgeon? What path did Toby (Lucas Gabreel) decide to take on his new mission as an advocate for children with disabilities?

We asked series stars Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc what they thought of a revival, and where they hoped to see their characters 10 years down the road.

“Man, if I got that phone call, there’s nothing that could stop me doing this revival. Absolutely, in a heartbeat,” Leclerc says.

Coming straight off the 2016 “Gilmore Girls” revival, Vanessa Marano agreed that it’s just a matter of time until “Switched at Birth” returns.

“‘Gilmore Girls’ was the second show that I did that has done a revival,” Marano says. “I was on a show called ‘The Comeback’ that also came back ten years later. Literally, I’m two shows in right now with 10 year comebacks — so we keep getting asked this question, revival, revival, revival, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, it’ll be in 10 years because that seems to be the pattern.'”

We’d pretty much die for a peek into Bay and Daphne’s lives ten years down the road, so naturally we asked Marano and Leclerc where they imagined their character would wind up in that revival.

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“I feel like [Bay] is still going to be artist-ing up a storm,” Marano says, “But I also feel like she’s going to have a lot of different mediums. She’s going to have moved on from tattooing to be a sculptor or something. I keep joking around because I think it’s so funny, but I feel like she’s also going to have been summoned by the UN to be like an interpreter in a way. Like she has to translate Mandarin into American Sign Language, and she’s going to have to take the job because that’s the only way she can pay her bills.”

As for Daphne, Leclerc thinks Daphne is already on the path to her potential future.

“In my own little dream world, [Daphne] is definitely a doctor,” Leclerc says. “I definitely see her with Mingo because I love it so much. Maybe she’s got a kid or something? Yeah, I love that idea.”

“Switched at Birth” is available for streaming on Netflix and Freeform.

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