ke$ha-my-crazy-beautiful-life-s2-mtv-325.jpgMany people suspect their homes are haunted, but so few people think that of their genitalia.
Ke$ha, however, is not most people.

In the Season 2 premiere of MTV’s “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life” on Wednesday, Oct. 30, she uses a ghost meter, which is akin to a Geiger counter for spirits. The device starts clicking as it is passed in front of her body.

“I am very much a believer of the supernatural,” Ke$ha tells Zap2it. “I like to scare myself. I love scaring the p*** out of myself. If I have a choice of staying in a five-star hotel or a haunted s*** shack I would rather stay at the s*** shack and scare myself. We will drive five hours in the wrong direction to stay in the haunted hotel.”

With that mindset, she asked her spiritual adviser why objects seemed to be moving on their own in her house, and why strange occurrences were happening.

“A spiritual adviser said entities were using my body to live in and using my body to cling onto the energy,” Ke$ha says. “There were weird happenings at my house, and I have a song called ‘Supernatural.’ Every time [the ghost meter] got close to my vagina, it started beeping. Then I started thinking my vagina was haunted and why I haven’t [had sex] in a while.”

The show, however, is not all about her not-so-privates. During the first half-hour episode, viewers also get a feel for the singer’s inner circle.

This season focuses more on Ke$ha’s family and friends than last season did. Her older brother, Lagan, is recording the series. Younger brother Louie is very much a young teenager. Ke$ha comes off as disarmingly unguarded and very close to her family.

“We hang out every day,” she says. “And whether or not there are cameras around, having a family that is very distracting and loud and honest, I don’t think they would let me become something I am not.”

Ke$ha wanted to do the series last season to correct mis-impressions about her.

“There is so much misinformation about me,” she says. “The media was spinning me in ways that were completely incorrect. I am wild and debaucherous and fun, and I felt like my message is getting a little skewed. The way social media is, you can’t put out enough information about yourself. I wanted to put out a show that people could see the real, genuine me and [was] shot by my brother. It is fun, debaucherous, positive, and I am loving my crazy beautiful life.”

In the season opener, Ke$ha, wearing no makeup and looking younger and more vulnerable than she does onstage, is very much the middle child. She is indulgent of her younger brother and challenges her older brother.

“People always think that I was the bad one,” she says on camera. “But I was really good while Lagan was whoring.”

Offstage, Ke$ha wears Converse low-top sneakers, leggings and flannel shirts and has an easy rapport with her family. Like so many on unscripted shows, she seems to pay the cameras no mind.

“My brother is filming, so sometimes I forget they are there,” Ke$ha says. “I am so used to cameras being around. I don’t really pay attention to it.”

During the first episode, her mom, Pebe, whom Ke$ha describes as “a party animal,” puts a nanny cam in her younger son’s room. Eventually he finds it, becomes furious and plans revenge.

“She thinks she can spy on me,” Louie says on camera. “She has a world of pain coming.”
“I think he is trying to get back at me,” Ke$ha says. “He is very vengeful – 13 is a very devious age.”

Even though a lot of time is devoted to family and friends, music is always at the center of what Ke$ha is doing.

“It definitely still involves my art,” she says.

Ke$ha, who has penned songs for Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, continues to write songs whether on the road or at home, “any time I stop for more than eight seconds,” she says. “I have been falling asleep with pen in my hand. My ex-boyfriend turned out to be a total piece of s… and lied to me and totally broke my trust, and it hurt so deeply I can’t stop writing about [it].”

“My philosophy in life is try to take any negative and turn it into a positive,” she says. “It is incredibly therapeutic to try to turn it into a positive. Something every girl can relate to is having her heart broken. I am one of those women you should not really mess with. I am bat-s… crazy. There is an entire record of how terrible you are and how tiny your penis is. It is not just for me. It is for every woman.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler