Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele in a still from 'Key & Peele'

Good news, “Key & Peele” fans: the duo are working together again, just a few months after the final episode of their Comedy Central series.

But this time, instead of getting in front of the camera, Deadline reports that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are executive producing a new FOX series from “King Bach,” the Vine star also known as Andrew Bachelor. Writing the series is “Key & Peele” writer and producer Alex Ruebens.

Bachelor is the most popular user on Vine, with 14 million subscribers who tune in to watch his seconds-long comedic videos (his Vines have been looped over five billion times). The premise of the series, according to Deadline, is “an undercover cop who grew up on the streets and goes back to his old neighborhood to take down the bad guys who bullied him.”

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Bachelor is a natural fit for Key & Peele’s next TV project. As they know, it’s not easy to develop a character over the course of a few minutes of a sketch. But Bachelor is telling whole stories in less than ten seconds. The germ of the “undercover cop” idea is credited to one of King Bach’s Vines, like this one.

The King Bach account is based around observational humor about dating and friendship, goofy characters and running jokes (like Bachelor’s “Gas Money” series), and, occasionally, very famous guest stars.

Bachelor has already parlayed his Vine success into a recurring role on Adult Swim’s “Black Jesus,” and some of his Vines even feature Gerald Johnson, who plays Jesus in the series, decked out as his prophetic character.

“Black Jesus” is all about the clash between a comedic character and the hood where he lives and tries to fit in, which sounds a lot like Bachelor’s upcoming pilot. Following in the footsteps of other Viners like Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas, it looks like Andrew Bachelor is getting the chance to bring his specific brand of humor to the screen with Key & Peele’s help.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins