Kim Kardashian took to Twitter Monday (Dec. 7) to announce that she and husband Kanye West named their baby boy Saint -- which is, of course, great fodder for the late-night shows.

Jimmy Kimmel took his sketch to the street for some "Lie Witness News," where he gets bystanders to basically agree with anything the interviewer tells them because they are afraid of looking dumb on camera. Oh, the irony.

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The people Kimmel talked to went right along with "Lie Witness News" when told that the baby is named things like "Kia Sorrento West" -- "I thought it was classic Kanye" -- and "Keurig Kardashian West" -- "I think it's pretty wild. Keurig has already become a household name for our coffee products, but now being an actual child's name" -- and "Fastest Gun in the West" -- "Good luck in school, I guess."

The best one is when the interviewer says the baby is named "Khaleesi Kuella Kuckoo Kimchi Kombucha Klondike Kielbasa Kaleidoscope Kikaju Kaley Cuoco West" and without batting an eye the girl being interviewed says, "Not surprised."

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