Seth Rogen stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Thursday (May 19) to promote both "Neighbors 2" and the new AMC series "Preacher," which premieres this Sunday. Needless to say, Rogen has kept himself quite busy in recent years, but one thing both he and Jimmy Fallon do have in common is performing on stage in front of a live audience.

With Fallon's "SNL" experience and Rogen's one-time foray into standup comedy, the duo decided to take the stage together to tell jokes. The catch? Each one was written by a kid between the age of 5 and 10. It sounds like a gimmicky schtick, for sure, but ... after a minute, the two become a bit impressed by the wit portrayed by the young talent who submitted their jokes.

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Some of the funny lines delivered really stand out, like Jordan (10) who poses the question, "How many ears does Captain Kirk have?" The answer: "His left ear, his right ear and his final front-ear." We're not ashamed to admit that got us chuckling. But when Fallon performed his set -- taking a Richard Lewis-inspired stance -- things really got moving.

With hilarious quips like: "Where does the president keep his armies? In his sleevies," it's easy to find hope in young folks again. With jokes that like, it's safe to say these kids -- like 6-year-old Kate from Madison, Wisconsin -- have quite a bright future ahead of them.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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