If it’s one thing we’ve learned throughout the past three seasons of “Last Man on Earth,” it’s been that no one’s safe. We’ve been having to remind ourselves of this in recent weeks — after all, this isn’t a bleak zombie apocalypse we’re witnessing here — and, by all accounts, things are not looking good for Gail (Mary Steenburgen).

Sunday’s (Dec. 11) fall finale, titled “If You’re Happy and You Know it,” found Melissa (January Jones) reunited with the group and Gail still hopelessly awaiting rescue from that elevator. She’s been trapped for a couple days now and, like anyone, she’s starting to lose hope. Although, we do have to give her credit for catching that pesky Roomba even if her rescue plan was a little weak.

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If the buildings were closer together in proximity, maybe someone would’ve heard the multiple gun shots coming from the fifth floor. Unfortunately for Gail, though, one of those bullets ricocheted off the elevator wall and embedded itself in her leg. In a normal situation, if saved in time, the wound would be treated and she’d survive. But, this is “Last Man on Earth” we’re talking about here and there are no doctors in the general vicinity.

Remember when Phil (Boris Kodjoe) came down with appendicitis? That would’ve been an easy enough issue to fix if Tandy (Will Forte), Carol (Kristen Schaal), Todd (Mel Rodriguez) or Melissa had any medical expertise. But they didn’t, and he ended up perishing. Now we’re left wondering about Gail. Will she make it out of this ordeal alive? Did she use that final bullet on herself? Will the group ever find her?

The fish Tandy and Carol caught on their camping trip — and thusly named Gail — could be a sign. Then again, it could’ve simply been a red herring. Either way, quite a cliffhanger to go out on: Melissa trapped and raving by a finally beaten-down Todd, Gail apparently committing suicide, and everybody else off in their own little moments of bliss.

“Last Man on Earth” will return to FOX in the spring.

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