Carol and Tandy’s relationship is as annoying as it is strong — and in Sunday’s (Nov. 20) “Last Man on Earth,” their family joy becomes a bit too much for Gail to handle.

As you may remember, she signed adoption papers last week per Carol’s (Kristen Schaal) request. Gail (Mary Steenburgen) was once a mother — having lost her child under mysterious circumstances — and after an emotional confrontation, the two agreed to be mother and daughter so Carol’s child will experience having a grandmother.

But while the motives are sound, Gail’s patience is pushed to its breaking point as Carol takes this new relationship status too far. All Gail wanted was space — somewhere she can drink her bottles of wine in peace. And all this badgering by the happy couple sent her elsewhere to find some much-needed space.

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last man on earth 307 tandy carol gail Last Man on Earths family vibes proves too much for Gail & Melissa

While Gail explored the other buildings in the complex for a place she can call her own, Melissa (January Jones) lost a few more marbles. Breaking up with Todd (Mel Rodriguez) after he refused to make a baby with her, she requested some sexy time with both Louis (Kenneth Choi) and Tandy (Will Forte). There was one point in time when he would’ve jumped at a chance to sleep with her, but Tandy is a changed man.

Still, no amount of sweet talk or “Shawshank Redemption”-themed foreplay could get Melissa to open up to Todd. Instead, she severed ties and abruptly abandoned the group. Where she went off to is unknown but we’re thinking she may be in a better position than Gail. After multiple electrical issues, Louis and Tandy shut all the breakers down except the one devoted to the building they are in. And while she found a new hideaway to call her own, the power in the unexplored building suddenly turned off — leaving Gail all alone, trapped in an elevator… Somewhere.

Hey, at least she got her space.

“Last Man on Earth” airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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