“Last Man on Earth” said goodbye to another member of Team Tandy on Sunday (March 12) — finding Lewis (Kenneth Choi) taking to the skies… Only to crash and burn seconds later. As we bid a Lewis tearful farewell, the show gave us a small gift in the form of renewed hope for Gail.

Sure, the loss of Lewis sucked. An unrelenting hope drove him to one day reunite with his husband Mark. However, as Tandy (Will Forte) pointed out: Mark has probably been dead this whole time…

It leaves us wondering: Just how helpful is hope in this apocalyptic hellscape? Erica’s (Cleopatra Coleman) lost everyone she’s loved, Melissa (January Jones) is steadily losing her mind and Todd’s (Mel Rodriguez) emotional anguish is pushing him lower and lower on his own downward spiral.

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We previously pointed out that when “Last Man on Earth” introduces a new character to the mix, a fan favorite usually dies. And when Kristen Wiig’s Pamela Brinton entered the story, our thoughts were once again with Gail: Trapped in an elevator without electricity, food or water — a bullet firmly embedded in her leg.

It’s a dire situation, to be sure. But “Last Man on Earth” thrives in dire situations. The episode’s final moments may have given us a glimpse, but seeing Gail’s finger twitch after Tandy brings power back to the building — presenting a rainbow light show in Lewis’s honor —  was enough to make us smile.

The gang still thinks Gail is tripping the light fantastic off in wine country. We have absolutely no idea when they’ll discover her body, but seeing the elevator open was enough to give us a renewed hope: Carol’s (Kristen Schaal) fake mother may return home, after all.

If she doesn’t survive, though, we have a suggestion for the network heads: Stop calling this show a comedy — we’re simply getting tired of all the tears!

“Last Man on Earth” airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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