While our attention’s been focused mostly on Gail’s (Mary Steenburgen) hopeless situation and Melissa’s (January Jones) dire mental state, it’s a fine time to shine a light on Lewis’ (Kenneth Choi) journey on “Last Man on Earth.”

His character has evolved quite a bit since his introduction: Originally storming the Malibu mansion the team called home, Lewis was following Darrell (Jon Hamm) and Pat (Mark Boone Junior) on their trip to Hawaii. Obviously, they never made it to that final destination — with Darrell meeting his maker via Melissa’s shotgun and Pat getting more and more unhinged with each passing day.

In the end, Lewis chose sides, and he’s been a part of the group ever since — forging a delightfully offbeat, awkward friendship with Tandy (Will Forte) along the way. Still, something’s felt off about the man: His impromptu road trip back to his old Seattle home showed us a portrait of a disconnected man searching for meaning in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world.

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Holding onto the hope that his husband Mark may still be alive is a difficult feat — especially when everyone else in your neighborhood dropped dead from a population-killing virus. In our weakest hours, though, an unexpected purpose can shine through — and for Lewis, that beacon of light has come in the unlikely form of self-taught aeronautics.

The above Screener exclusive clip alludes to Lewis’ inevitable graduation from flight simulator to full-fledged pilot — and we can’t help wondering if his thirst for flight will only become greater once he goes wheels-up: If he found the chance to truly escape the group for a better option, would the sky be the limit?

Throughout the three seasons of “Last Man on Earth,” we’ve seen survivors travel by land and by sea — it’s only a matter of time before someone conquers the air. As we see it, Lewis is just the man for the job.

Where he goes from there — be it back to Seattle, off to Hawaii, or Tokyo, where he believes Mark may be living — is anyone’s guess.

“Last Man on Earth” airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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