The last time we checked in on Tandy (Will Forte), Carol (Kristen Schaal), Todd (Mel Rodriguez) and the gang, the group was fracturedwith Melissa and Gail nowhere to be found. Sunday’s (Dec. 4) episode, titled “Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem,” had everyone scrambling to figure out the best plan for tracking down Melissa (January Jones). Gail (Mary Steenburgen), on the other hand, became somewhat of an afterthought.

Throughout the whole process, Todd and Carol became the most impacted by the situation as Carol comes to terms with the fact that her behavior sent Gail packing. And Todd… Well, it’s quite possible that he’s taking full responsibility for Melissa’s mental situation.

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Back in Season 1, his feelings for Melissa knew no bounds but the happiness was short-lived. Soon, Todd’s affections were being called on by Gail. Could his love-juggling ways be the catalyst to Melissa’s crazy?

Possibly. Possibly not.

It’s no doubt that Todd’s the emotional center of the group and this brief loss has sent him into an emotional freefall. No amount of breakdancing can make his pain go away.

last man on earth season 3 group shot Todd is Last Man on Earths emotional center    and his heart is breaking

And while all the group’s efforts are being used to find Melissa — who just happens to stroll up nonchalantly with her shotgun like it’s no big thing — Gail is straight up shooting her gun from that fifth-floor elevator to get anyone’s attention.

It’s an unfortunate position she’s found herself in. We already saw Tandy hit rock bottom back in the Season 1 pilot episode. Could this be hers? If so, is “Last Man on Earth” setting us up for a more grateful Gail once she reunites with the rest of the group? That is… If she reunites with the group?

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Where will they go from here now that Melissa has been found?

That’s probably one of the few questions “Last Man on Earth” will answer heading into the midseason finale. Here’s hoping Todd will come to terms with the fact that decline of Melissa’s mental state is not his fault. That’s not to say that she’s okay. Because she’s not okay. Not in the least.

The “Last Man on Earth” Season 3 midseason finale airs Sunday, Dec. 11, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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