last man on earth season 3 episode 5 will forte tandy Tandy makes Carols motherly dreams a reality on Last Man on Earth

Sunday’s (Nov. 6) episode of “The Last Man on Earth,” titled “The Power of Power,” finally gives our group of heroes a reprieve as they step into one glorious paradise: An unfinished office building with all sorts of perks. Working plumbing, electricity and a large supply of frozen pizzas provoke Tandy (Will Forte) to vocally proclaim this mecca as their new home. Yet Louis (Kenneth Choi) had his doubts on their new residence, and soon strange occurrences began happening within the structure.

First, the power goes out. Then, a broken chandelier almost lands on Carol. And finally, the water stops running. Pegging Louis as the one behind the sabotage, it becomes very clear that Tandy’s wife is also his biggest blind spot. After he almost kicked Louis from the building, Carol admitted to acting out. Sure, this could’ve led to a fight… But, what ended up transpiring was one of the most endearing moments Tandy and Carol have shared thus far.

last man on earth 305 kristen schaal carol Tandy makes Carols motherly dreams a reality on Last Man on Earth

Two and a half seasons into “The Last Man on Earth,” we’re still left baffled a series like this has lasted so long on network television. It’s devoid of brain-hungry zombies and missing any resemblance to the violent dystopia a show about the end of the world would usually bring. And, from what we’ve seen, it’s Tandy and Carol’s bond that miraculously holds the entire thing together.

Their relationship has slowly grown to become the foundation of the series. But it was a rocky start for the two lovebirds. In the beginning, Tandy was consistently avoiding any sort of romantic ties with his future wife, and subsequently, the show struggled to find its footing.

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A lot has changed since those humble beginnings and now, the happy couple is expecting their first child. There’s something about bringing a baby into an apocalypse devoid of any decrepit walkers — or psycho Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), for that matter — that doesn’t sound all that bad. And within Tandy’s oddball community of survivors, propagating the species is definitely a priority.

last man on earth 305 will forte Tandy makes Carols motherly dreams a reality on Last Man on Earth

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While she’s been all smiles, doing her best to bring cheer and joy to the group — no matter how weird her drawings or food concoctions can be — at her core, she is still human. And it’s in this moment in Sunday’s episode, where she covertly tried to sabotage the group’s happiness in their new surroundings, that we realize the overall crux of the situation.

As a mother-to-be, it’s been tough letting go of certain expectations and dreams about where her life would take her. Specifically, it’s her visions of where and how she’d like to raise her family that drove her to this breaking point. While the end of the world has posed some big roadblocks in achieving her own personal American dream, Tandy kicks any sense of ego aside and does his best to be the knight in shining armor she continually needs — and deserves.

Wherever he goes may be “home” for her (cue waterworks), but he goes above and beyond to make her wish a reality and builds her a mini home, with white picket fence and all the trimmings.

last man on earth 305 cast Tandy makes Carols motherly dreams a reality on Last Man on Earth

With two of the survivors with child, it seems that Melissa (January Jones) is finally coming around on the baby-making trend. But while Tandy and Carol have found their groove, it seems her and Todd (Mel Rodriguez) are in a very weird spot.

While Gail (Mary Steenburgen) has turned to the bottle to drown her sorrows and grief, it seems Melissa has begun to lose her mind. Her inclination to shoot random items with that shotgun, and then to set all her shirts on fire, may cause Todd to pause on that whole reproduction thing. It’s one thing to deal with a loose canon in this apocalyptic environment, it’s a whole other issue entirely if the would-be mother of your unborn child isn’t dealing with a full deck.

Maybe they just merely need a relationship to model theirs after. We’re sure Tandy and Carol would be willing to step in to help the struggling couple work things out. Because really, at the end of the day, all our heroes really need is love. Running water and working electricity? Those are simply perks. Really wonderful perks.

“The Last Man on Earth” airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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