Just on the heels of its renewal for a second season, “Last Man On Earth” is back (April 12) with two new episodes.

When viewers last saw Phil (Will Forte), he had reluctantly agreed to move in with his wife Carol (Kristen Schaal). Zap2it caught up with Forte at WonderCon and the actor revealed — as expected — living with his new spouse isn’t going to be very easy for Phil. 
“He’s not excited about it. Phil likes his independence,” Forte says. 
While Forte was hesitant to reveal much more about what happens in the coming episodes, viewers can expect Phil and Carol will probably be wrestling with the same things normal married couples do. Blending two lives isn’t easy, and Carol has already proven she is a force to be reckoned with.
It’s definitely not long before the old ball and chain becomes more than Phil can take. See what Forte says on how things will go down with the couple in the video above. 
Also, notice Forte has gone full beard again? See if it has anything to do with his “Last Man On Earth” character in the video below. 
“Last Man On Earth” airs Sunday nights on FOX. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins