daisey betts red carpet 325 'Last Resort's' Daisy Betts: 'Sometimes it's a little testosterone overload'The ban on women serving on Navy submarines was lifted less than a year ago, and ABC’s Thursday military drama “Last Resort” was quick to capitalize on that.

Australian actress Daisy Betts stars as Lt. Grace Shepard, the chief navigator on the nuclear sub USS Colorado, which has fled to a remote island after Capt. Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) refused what he considered to be a questionable order and put his boat at odds with U.S. forces.
Her father, Adm. Arthur Shepard (Bruce Davison), is not only Chaplin’s friend but also a Pentagon bigwig.
Now that the Colorado has gone rogue, Shepard is clashing with Master Chief Joseph Prosser (Robert Patrick), who vehemently opposes Chaplin’s actions.
“She gets to annoy Prosser,” Betts tells Zap2it, talking under a canopy outside the sub interior set at Diamond Head Studios. “The first scene I had with Robert, it was a little intimidating. And then obviously there was something there, some chemistry there, and the writers, they see it.”
As to whether there might be romantic sparks, Betts says, “Robert thinks there is. He went into the writers room, ‘Can’t you see? Grace, the admiral is her dad, she has a serious father complex. And so she’s going to have a relationship with Prosser.’ And the writers are like, ‘Oh, hmmm, I don’t know … .’
“They definitely have a really good dynamic between Shepard and Grace. Grace, she conflicts with a lot of people, because she’s very strong in what she thinks is right, and other people aren’t really sure how they feel about the situation.”
Meanwhile Betts, who grew up with three sisters, is learning to cope with a male-heavy environment.
“Sometimes it’s a little testosterone overload,” she says, “in small spaces with all the crew and cast. If one of them gets started on something, then they all get a bit silly. I’m like, ‘Hello? Woman over here!'”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare