On Saturday (April 23), we celebrate the birth of a legend and late-night hero, John Oliver. HBO struck gold when they signed Oliver on for their satirical news show, and these days he’s competing with the best of the best for favorite late-night talk show host. There’s something insanely appealing about a no-holds-barred host who knows how to mock major corporations and political candidates alike.

Oliver managed to build his fanbase and viewership to astronomical levels by taking full advantage of social media sites like Youtube and Twitter, which landed him several viral videos.

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In honor of John Oliver’s birthday, Zap2it has picked out the 5 best viral videos from his run on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

Make Donald Drumpf Again

Even John Oliver couldn’t ignore Donald Trump for too long, and he eventually decided to report on Trump’s presidential campaign. In his most watched video ever, Oliver started the “Make Donald Drumpf Again” campaign, which exploded on Twitter, earning him over 24 million views on this video.

FIFA & The World Cup

In what is arguably his “break out” video, John Oliver railed against FIFA and the World Cup, calling out their corruption and the terrible drain they put on the economies of the countries who host them. “When your rainy day fund is so big you have to check it for swimming cartoon ducks, you might not be a non-profit anymore.”

Miss America

Most people dismiss beauty pageants as silly, but John Oliver took it to the next level but actually digging deep enough to realize how ridiculously qualified these girls are for a crown that could not matter less. “They asked one of the contestants to solve ISIS, and she only had 20 seconds to do it!”

Net Neutrality

John Oliver actually managed to explain Net Neutrality in a coherent way, while exposing the FCC’s attempts to cast their changes in a positive light. “Bullshit! If we let cable companies offer two speeds of service, they wouldn’t be Usain Bolt and Usain Bolt on a motor bike. They’d be Usain Bolt and Usain Bolt-ed to an anchor.”

Sex Education

In one of his funniest videos, John Oliver describes how sex education in American school is failing to prepare students and actually creating a dangerous environment. He brings up topics most schools tend to leave out like STDs, homosexuality, and issues of consent. “Sex is like boxing. If both people didn’t agree to participate, one of them is committing a crime.”

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