“Last Week Tonight” always has the best web exclusives when the show is on hiatus and Sunday (Aug. 28) was no exception. John Oliver treated viewers to the tales of “Johnny Strong,” a superhero Oliver invented as a kid.

He pitches the superhero as the next big movie franchise, but c’mon — this should already be in development as an HBO cartoon.

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Johnny Strong’s real name is John Olivier — “no relation” — but after school gets out, he becomes a superhero who has “seen a boob and knows what the F-word is.” If that doesn’t sound like an HBO cartoon series, we don’t know what does.

Strong battles enemies like Doc Bedtime, a monster made of blankets who can magically plunge the world into total darkness, and Mrs. Thomas, the clarinet teacher who says the clarinet is the “electric guitar of the mouth.” She is obviously a charlatan who must be stopped.

Oliver says the whole series “is chock full of adventures that are begging to be adapted to the silver screen.”

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But he’s wrong. They are begging to be TV episodes.

The first episode is “Night Moves,” which a young Oliver did not realize is also the name of a Bob Seger song. After battling an evil mutant monster who is breaking into houses “to steal the awesome rock collections of cool little boys,” the family cat accidentally gets out and Johnny Strong’s second episode is “Land of the Lost Cat Posters.”

Get on it, HBO. John Oliver can do no wrong right now, so even if it’s just a web series, you know people would watch the crap out of “The Adventures of Johnny Strong.” The only sticking point would be securing the naming rights from the real Johnny Strong.

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