“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is coming back for a third season — despite popular demand. The first promo for the new season of the HBO series has arrived — along with new key art — featuring quotes from a long list of people who really don’t like Oliver. That’s not going to stop him, though.

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As a matter of fact, Oliver seems to understand and even agree with some of the criticism.

“Donald Trump calls it really boring,” an announcer says. Oliver quickly responds, “I want to push back on that but I have been bored by this show.”

It isn’t until the final piece of criticism that things get dicey for the host. “Cher says he has a wee rat face,” the announcer says. “Cher said that? Cher said that,” Oliver demands. “The Cher? We’re talking about the actual Cher? Not … Well no, there’s only one Cher, right?” If you’ve gotten Cher’s attention and rage, clearly you’re doing something right.

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“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” returns to HBO to make even more very public enemies on Feb. 14 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Season 3 key art

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