niecy nash leave it to niecy gallery 325 'Leave It to Niecy's' Niecy Nash blends reality and two families

On Comedy Central’s “Reno 911!” Niecy Nash did improvisation, and on Style Network’s “Clean House,” she did reality. In her new series, TLC’s “Leave It to Niecy,” she does a little bit of both.
As the star of a docu-sitcom that blends elements from the sitcom genre and nonscripted reality shows, Nash spearheads the melding of her own family — children Dominic, Donielle and Dia and her mother, Miss Margaret — with her new husband, electrical engineer Jay, and his son, Romallis.
TLC viewers met Nash in the two-hour “Niecy Nash’s Wedding Bash,” which aired last June, and the eight-episode, half-hour series, premiering Sunday, March 25, follows the family as it balances work, life and love.
“The only reason I did my wedding on television,” Nash tells Zap2it, “was because I knew so many women who had gone through a divorce and were waiting until their children were grown in order for them to get back into dating and love. I wanted to encourage them, ‘No, no, don’t wait. Get it now, while the getting is good.’ “
But Nash didn’t marry a show-business veteran. Instead, she married a civilian.

Laughing at that, Nash says, “I love that you call my husband a civilian; he would appreciate that. I married a man who has no desire for life before the camera, although he does appreciate a little bit of action, but that’s only from me.
“He says, ‘I don’t know if I signed up for all this,’ but he definitely is a good sport and very supportive.”
Nash’s advice to women of a certain age seeking love: “What you believe will be manifest, and you will attract what you are. If you don’t like the boys that have been showing up, look in the mirror, do some homework, and then get back at it. The other part of it is, if you believe that you will live a life without love, that’s exactly what you will have. So don’t accept that lie, because that’s the biggest lie ever told.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare