lena dunham allison williams girls premiere 2014 For Lena Dunham, 'Girls' success is 'like pointing a mirror at a mirror'

Zap2it: How do you assess the entire “Girls” experience for yourself thus far?
Lena Dunham: I’ve kind of realized in the last few months that it’s hard enough for me, as a consumer of media, to fully assess and understand any kind of pop-culture success of phenomenon. To try to assess yourself as one is basically impossible … like pointing a mirror at a mirror. It’s a mind-bending thing.
Zap2it: You’ve had a good amount of impressive guest casting as the show has gone along. Are you approached by actors who want to appear on “Girls”?
Lena Dunham: We’re not into the traditional casting process. We’re very much about meeting somebody at a party and loving them and deciding, “That’s a person we’d like to hang out with for three days.” A lot of times, it’s just us taking people we’ve met and connected to the most, because we think really good work comes out of that.
We have an amazing casting director, Jen Euston, who’s also done “Orange Is the New Black.” She has this eye for character-y faces, and she’s really good. I think the fact that the whole show started with me playing a character not that far from me set the precedent for involving people’s own experiences.
Zap2it: What did you think of co-star Allison Williams’ recent work in “Peter Pan Live!”?
Lena Dunham: The thing that’s so cool is that, in a time when we had great musical-theater stars, that’s what Allison would have been. To see her in that context was just so cool, because she’s such a natural and has so much presence. When she called (fellow “Girls” executive producer) Jenni [Konner] and me to tell me she was doing “Peter Pan,” we were just shrieking!
Posted by:Jay Bobbin