brooklyn 99 scully hitchcock christmas Let 'Brooklyn Nine Nine's' Hitchcock and Scully help you ring in ChristmasWould you watch a spinoff of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” biggest idiots, Hitchcock and Scully? Check out these Christmas-themed videos and decide for sure.

Zap2it got a hold of two of the lovable dimwits’ potential webseries, “Christmastime Wtih Hitchcock and Scully,” in which the squad’s outcasts spend their time making holiday crafts.

In the videos below, watch Brooklyn’s finest detectives share their Christmas glee via mistletoe (“We could do what we did with it in 1981.” — Hitchcock. “Smoke it” –Scully) and holiday ornaments.

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“This week we are making Christmas tree ornaments but we don’t have a tree yet,” shares Scully. Guess what acts as the tree? Yep, that would be Hitchcock.

In the show’s upcoming episodes, the detectives spend the weekend at Charles’ beach house (of course, hijinks ensue when Gina tries to get Amy drunk, Charles helps Rosa send romantic texts to her new boyfriend and Captain Holt shows up to damper the fun) in the aptly titled “Beach House,” and the squad members finally cash in on all of the money Jake owes them in “Payback.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returns Sunday, Jan. 4, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Check out the videos below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley