Video games consistently rake in more dough than movies and given their continued popularity, big Hollywood studios have looked to these franchises for inspiration for the next big-screen event.

There's that "World of Warcraft" movie set to hit theaters in 2016 and it looks like a "Call of Duty" cinematic universe is now in the cards. So on Tuesday night's (Nov. 10) episode of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," the host gave viewers a sneak peak at a movie adaptation of one of the biggest games of recent years: "Candy Crush Saga."

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You know a video game has reached the upper echelon of pop culture status when a presidential nominee -- Marco Rubio, to be exact -- makes a reference to it in a highly publicized debate.

In the above clip, Colbert enlists the help of seasoned actor Liam Neeson, who strives for cinematic excellence as Mr. Toffee. Even though the movie doesn't exist, the video shows the audience just how plausible a concept like this would be.

Impaled by a candy cane, gasping his final breaths, Mr. Toffee looks to his son to continue the quest he could not finish ... which one assumes is to crush all the candy?

Someone call the Donut Doctor and while you wait for him to arrive, check out the second part of this amusing segment below!

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