Most procedurals go out on a super-heavy note in their season finales, oftentimes leaving viewers with cliffhangers that vary in their scope of how worried the fans are. But “Limitless” showed once again that it’s a different type of procedural.

As Brian (Jake McDorman) becomes less and less immune to NZT’s side effects, his hallucinations grow, from seeing Piper (Georgina Haig) as a screaming Banshee-esque woman to watching a finger crawl its way out of a jelly donut. The best, though, are his superhero fantasies, which culminates in Brian tossing around superhero name ideas — Super Brian, Brianpool, The Brunisher, Wolverian.

He settles on the Brunisher, which is probably the best of the bunch.

All the while Brian is having these hallucinations, the team is tracking down Sands (Colin Salmon) and his NZT laboratory, which they find and destroy. Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) gets to shoot Sands, but he’s not dead, which means he probably lives to terrorize the team next season.

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Speaking of the team, it’s going to have a different look in Season 2. Rebecca tells Brian at episode’s end that Washington is going to give them a “crime squad” to work with, for which Brian has some serious “squad goals.”

His bodyguard, lovingly called “Agent Mike” (MIchael Shaw), as in “Mike & Ike,” is so thrilled to be included in said crime squad that he reveals his name … Darryl.

Finally, it seems as though Piper has concocted a permanent booster to alleviate NZT’s side effects for Brian. And that may be true. But two things make us think there’s something else going on here. First, that she looked a little guilty when she injected him with it. And second, it’s no fun if Brian isn’t sometimes experiencing NZT side effects. They don’t have to be an all-the-time thing, but they definitely have their place popping up here and there.

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