"Lip Sync Battle" went out big on Thursday (Nov. 19) for their Christmas-themed episode with stellar performances all around. And while both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie delivered routines that got the crowd jumping, it was Levitt who walked away with the title.

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The above number is probably what sent the actor over the edge as Levitt pulled out all the stops with a Janet Jackson number, harkening back to her classic "Rhythm Nation" days. He had the choreography down, the outfit was on point, and as Chrissy Teague put it, the dude went "full Janet!"

That's not to say Mackie didn't bring the heat. In his big solo number, the "Captain America" star brought his best MC Hammer impersonation with a performance of "Too Legit To Quit" and if any of you out there remember Hammer's performance of this track on "SNL" in the early '90s ... Mackie frickin' nailed it.

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To help promote their upcoming movie, "The Night Before," Seth Rogen showed up for the duration of the episode in a Santa Claus onesie and lent his own lip sync talents to the group number which found the gang taking a trip back to 1987 with the classic hip hop holiday track, "Christmas in Hollis" and what turned up the notch on this performance ... well, Run DMC showed up to close the number proper.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

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