robert taylor longmire galley ae 325 'Longmire's' Robert Taylor 'instantly connected' with the A&E drama

Zap2it: With as many actors as reportedly went after the title role of “Longmire,” were you surprised to get it? 

Robert Taylor: I read it and just instantly connected with it. I put down a little test on tape back in Australia, sent it off and then forgot about it. About a month later, it popped into my head that I’d never heard anything back … and about 30 seconds later, the phone rang. And it was that call from L.A.
I came to Hollywood and did another screen test, and I felt very comfortable in the role. That’s happened before, though, and you don’t get the job for whatever reason. A lot of things come into play, but I think I put up a pretty good case here.
Q: Since you’ve been acting for a long time, in such well-known movies as “The Matrix” and “Vertical Limit” but especially in your native Australia, did you feel your dues had been paid by the time the part of Sheriff Walt Longmire came along?
A: Maybe the producers were keen to get somebody who wasn’t that well-known. I’m not sure about that, but I know they were also looking at a lot of well-known people.
Q: What was your experience on “Home and Away,” the serial that is one of Australia’s longest-running shows?
A: That was 1986. I think I did a month on it. I remember at the time, I needed the money so I could finish acting school. That sure was a long time ago, but a lot of people have come through that show. 
Posted by:Jay Bobbin