louis ck pamela adlon louie season 4 Louis C.K.: Reactions to 'Louie' rape scene are all validIt took all of two questions to Louis C.K. at the winter 2015 TV press tour on Sunday (Jan. 18) for someone to ask about the controversial “Louie” episode where his character tries to force himself on his friend/unrequited crush, Pamela (Pamela Adlon).

The episode generated a huge amount of discussion over Louie the character’s and Louis C.K. the creator’s intentions, and whether it tried to laugh off what a questioner called “borderline date rape”

“I wouldn’t call it rape. I kissed the side of her mouth,” C.K. replies. “I think you gotta be careful with that word, ‘rape,’ because it’s a real serious and bad thing. It you call a bad bowl of soup ‘rape,’ that kind of dilutes what it really is.”

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C.K. says that for him the scene was “a physical manifestation of what we were doing as a
couple, like as two people. I would come on [to her] and she’s going, ‘No, no, no.’

“… I had a scene earlier in the season where I was with a woman and she was hesitant and in a romantic way, I kind of went a little further with her and then she came with me and then we were together. So I’m trying it again, like an idiot — like, ‘Hey, it worked once, maybe it’ll work another time.'”

Both C.K. and Adlon say the scene was meant to be humorous. Adlon says when she read the scene, she was “dying” with laughter and it never felt “rape-y” to her, but she understands why it was controversial. When they actually filmed it, she said to C.K., “I think we may be in trouble. I don’t know if somebody’s gonna get mad.”

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C.K. adds that the character of Pamela was never in any danger in the scene — “She wasn’t scared in the scene, she was annoyed. To me, she was never under my control in the scene, she was never in danger.” He is fine, however, with people having different reactions to it.

“It’s interesting, sometimes you put something out and it get a different reaction, which is OK,” says the comedian. ” … I was surprised by some ways that people reacted to it, but I don’t
want to go in and say you guys got it wrong because that’s how you felt
about it. I think every reaction to TV and movies is valid.”

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