tom ellis lauren german lucifer fox Lucifer Morningstar has a Prince of Darkness impersonator

“Lucifer” got a little existential on Monday (Feb. 8) when the so called prince of darkness came face to face with an imposter using his name for some ridiculous stunts.

The episode, titled “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness,” focused on the murder of an aspiring actress, who had the misfortune of being conned into making a sex tape with an up-and-coming football star. The athlete in question, Ty (Redaric Wiliams), just so happens to be throwing a party which Lucifer (Tom Ellis) attends, making him part-witness, part-accomplice.

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Instead of believing Chloe’s (Lauren German) theory that Ty killed the girl in a fit of rage, Lucifer demands they look further into the case and punish the truly guilty party. A wild chase through a lineup of suspects leads them to a fixer and a sting operation that Lucifer decides to take advantage of.

While juggling the new murder case, Lucifer realizes that his good name is being smeared by an imposter, and he sets out to kill two metaphorical birds with one stone. Hiring the fixer to track down his copy cat, Lucifer realizes that his anger is misplaced and he’s essentially punishing himself for becoming more human.

Subsequently, he can’t muster much anger for his impersonator after all and decides to let him go free, much to Maze’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) disappointment.

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Meanwhile, Chloe is getting closer to accepting that Lucifer is not just a hypnotist — or a con artist — but something much more dangerous. There’s no telling how long we’ll have to wait to see her realize that Lucifer is actually the devil, but it’s coming up fast if her recent investigation is any indication.

“Lucifer” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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